I like gay werewolves.
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What do you mean this isn’t what happened?

social media in beacon hills (2/?) sciles edition.

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Happy 27th Birthday, Tyler Hoechlin! (September 11, 1987)

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inspired by this post.

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#the BEST thing about this parallel is that #even though scott and allison are canonically in a relationship #and derek and stiles JUST BARELY tolerate each other #scott only just tells allison to run#keeping his eyes on the enemy #only sparing her that one word of warning #MEANWHILE #derek fucking hale #badass number one #COMPLETELY TURNS HIS BACK #AND PHYSICALLY #PUSHES STILES AWAY #which is a rookie move and he suffers the consequences immediately after #but the point is scott doesnt turn to look at the girl he’s in love with and trying to protect #but derek totally swivels to create a barrier for a boy we’re supposed to believe he doesn’t give a damn about #jeff davis tried so hard to write an incredible and touching love story for scott and allison #but in the background an even more beautiful love story grew without his even trying

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